[r-t] Similar compositions

Ted Steele teds.bells at tesco.net
Sat Jan 27 14:07:07 UTC 2018

On 27/01/2018 13:29, Mark Davies wrote:
> Richard - "Arranged from" is the usual term to indicate that a 
> composition is a variation of an earlier composer's work. It doesn't 
> come with any implication that the current chap studied or even knew 
> about the previous composition. It's just the terminology used.

Not my field really; most of this is of relevance to me only as someone 
who might look at a peal report and note whose comp. was used. In that 
context "Arranged from" carries a very clear inference that the arranger 
had the original work to hand. In fact I think it is probably impossible 
(at least in relation to creative work) to vary something without having 
it available to work on or from. I don't doubt that to the initiated the 
particular terminology has become well understood and habitual but it 
remains an example of the extremely confusing and muddled language of 
ringing. Is there not currently an opportunity to resolve such 
ambiguities and should we not grasp it?

I see no basic merit or value in trying to change attributions that have 
become established as that has implications for historians, but we could 
certainly clarify things for the future.


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