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Robert Brown ringer5040 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 23 20:59:07 UTC 2018

Having checked there are three extensions of Yelling to Delight  Royal




-30-14-50-16-70-18.56-56.10-12-90,12 ( named and rung as Quaffed Delight)


There is also a differential




And Surprise extension




Im not an expert on extension but would agree with Alan that the 34-34 is
the issue - I always look to Tony Smith for a definitive answer , but of
course he now not part of the new set up !!!!!!!!


So find  Complib useful  which is very good at showing extension to methods.
(Some extensions are difficult to fathom out !!!)


In the past I have come across what would seem logical extension or where a
more logical naming would be appropriate  as an example we rang 2nds place
Double Norwich Royal so given that 2nds place Double Norwich Major is
Hereward Bob decided that would be an appropriate name for it - wrong  !!!!
ended up having to rename it. Cest La Vie 





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