[r-t] Method extension

Robin Woolley robin at robinw.org.uk
Tue Jul 24 18:38:28 UTC 2018

The question of Hereward Bob was raised.

Hereward Bob has been rung on 8 bells in 1914, however it is an 
extension of the 6 bell version, the place notations being:

6: x4x3x1,2
8: x4x36x5x1,2

and the Major could be said to be a 1AB/1DE extension. It follows that 
the extension to Royal must follow the same path and gives:

10: x4x36x58x7x1,2

Apart from the lead-end, this would be a natural extension of DNCB8, but 
giving the method a 10 lead-end results in a three lead course. 
Therefore, the 'antients' came up with a different version. Giving this 
method a 2nds place lead-end does not give the required extension of 
Hereward Bob.

RAS found 5 candidate extensions of Hereward Bob Minor. However, the 
name is fixed when the extension path is chosen. If, however, four paths 
use different names, then the last path must use the name of the parent.

Some extensions are already named without being rung of course - those 
with only one path. (I seem to recall Brentford Bob is one of these.)


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