[r-t] method extension

Simon Humphrey sh53246 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 24 08:06:14 UTC 2018

> I contacted Bill Croft when Quaffed Delight Royal was rung on
> handbells last year to let him know it was a valid extension of
> Yelling, noting that it was not required to name it so because there
> were other alternatives available. Bill decided to stick with Quaffed.
> Llanbadarn Fawr on the other hand is not a candidate extension of
> Yelling because the extension process is based upon repeating two
> sections, either by expansion as in Quaffed where the 34x34 becomes
> 56x56 in the next section, or by statically repeating the 34x34 when
> the treble is in 5-6 and in 7-8 as in the candidate extension of
> Yelling below. In Llanbadarn Fawr the 34x34 has been shifted rather
> than repeated.
> https://complib.org/method/add?name=[Unnamed]&stage=10&placenotati
> on=-30-14-50-
> 90,12&notes=1AB/4FG%20extension%20of%20Yelling%20Delight%20Major
> Note, you have to be logged into Complib for this link to work.
> Graham
Hmm.  I thought Llanbadarn Fawr could be considered a valid static extension of Yelling because the work below the treble consists only of sections with place notations found in the Major method - namely xxx, 34x34, and x12x - and in the same order ; all connected by cross-sections 1n.
Evidently I don't understand the rules.

Can Complib generate extensions of a method ?  I can't see how to make it do this.  If not, is there any other software that will do the job ?


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