[r-t] Practical Extension

Robin Woolley robin at robinw.org.uk
Sun Jul 29 16:27:57 UTC 2018

Hi All,

This morning, I amused myself by creating a spreadsheet analysing (what 
I believe to be) the complete set of extension paths of symmetric 
four-bell plain methods.

There are only four different front-works and the four different 
back-works are mirror images of the front-works. There are six different 
extension paths.

The s/sheet is sorted by path then by work so each block is the same 
extension path for the four works.

Front-works are on the left, and back-works on the right. The Decision 
is fully symmetrised so, in effect, the back-works are the same as the 
front-works only reversed and subtracted from seven.

As an example, I found the extensions of Canterbury Place Minimus since 
this has plain-hunting 'up' so creating less work. Five of the six 
extensions have five leads - in the attached pdf.

Restrictions - only two have Plain-Bob lead-ends which are required by 
the Decisions - 1DE & 3DE

All satisfy the adjacency rule except SCD (aka 3CD) but I have no way of 
checking indefinacy. This is what computers were made for. Some of the 
CD extensions may be regular at higher stages for all I know.

I shall try attaching s/sheet & pdf - but I've often had trouble with 
this on this forum.



PS - I usually think lying flat and staring at the ceiling usually helps 
with understanding.

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