[r-t] Start from backstroke - A question from a novice in technical matters

Richard Bimson rbimson79 at hotmail.com
Sat Mar 24 02:34:49 UTC 2018

I hope you will excuse this novice question.  I am currently working on our Guild's peal compositions.  A question has arisen about a new composition from the person currently maintaining the database regarding compositions which are described as starting from backstroke.  Why are they so described?

As I understand it this means that the first generated row is a backstroke.   However, compositions which start 2 rows into a lead of treble bob are described as "Start at backstroke snap" i.e. the row before the first generated row of the composition.  For this reason he is advocating the note "Start at handstroke" i.e. the row before the first generated row.  Is there a reason for the seeming difference in terminology of the two?  It appears that the "Start at backstroke" is the one in common usage (e.g. in Complib).  Are there any guidelines/conventions to describe non-standard starts/finishes?

Many thanks in advance,
Richard Bimson

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