[r-t] Start from backstroke - A question from a novice in technical matters

Richard Bimson rbimson79 at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 28 20:06:36 UTC 2018


Many thanks again.

>According to your comment below, ALL (normal) peals start at backstroke (with rounds at back and non-rounds at hand).  My peal therefore "starts at hand", but this is not the conventional usage of these terms.

This is indeed the assertion of the person in question and in his mind justifies his comment that what most people would describe "starts at backstroke" should be described as "starts at/from handstroke" - as I said, perhaps an esoteric point of view.  Someone else this week opined that it is perhaps the CC Decisions which are amiss because if a peal "stands and ends with rounds" that means that you would be counting 1 more row and rounds would be repeated and that it should more accurately say "starts from and ends in rounds".  I feel that we now are having discussions similar to asking how many angels can dance on a pinhead - indeed minutiae of detail which perhaps is not within the spirit of the proposed way of thinking in the new framework for method ringing to replace the current Decisions.

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