[r-t] Central Council Methods Library

Graham John graham at changeringing.co.uk
Thu May 31 12:51:33 UTC 2018

On 31 May 2018 at 02:39, Don Morrison <dfm at ringing.org> wrote:

> For mechanical things, yes. But not for humans.


> But, while the new text format imports easily into a spreadsheet, for
> reasons I gave in an earlier email, it’s not so useful: you need to do some
> seriously non-spreadsheet sorts of activities to, say, get all the lead end
> J (non-little, single dodging) surprise major methods start with notation
> x5x4, and containing FCH B. That’s surprisingly straightforward to do from
> Tony’s format simply using a good text editor.

There is something I am not understanding here, or more likely I am
not communicating well enough. There are now four ways in which you
can now look at the CCCBR Methods Library. The first and most
important, is a the provision of a database containing the official CC
Library, which has never been provided before. It can easily be
searched by a non technical ringer, displays the blue line and a huge
range of method properties for those with a deeper interest, and
allows you to search on most combinations of them. For example, I
struggle to think how you could search for methods that are Bristol
above in a text format - something that is very easy in Complib. It
even provides an advanced search by hunt bell properties, even if they
are not the principal hunt. It is ideally suited to the type of search
you quote above, and is far easier to enter and refine than searching
a text file or working with a spreadsheet. That should provide the
features that 99% of ringers need, and for that reason I believe that
it largely replaces the need for a text format. Nevertheless I am
still happy to provide a text format, and will take on board your
comments to revise it.


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