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Mon Dec 9 00:26:11 GMT 2019

Under the Framework's retroactive recognition provisions, the CC Methods
team is in the process of adding methods to the Methods Library that were
rung and named in the past, but which did not qualify for inclusion in the
Library at the time.  Over 700 such methods have been added so far -- a
listing is available here:


The requirement for retroactive recognition is that a method was rung in a
performance that would have qualified it for inclusion in the Library had
the Framework been in place at the time of the performance.

One set of methods we're working on adding to the Library are those that
include jump changes.  The table below shows the jump methods we're aware
of, many of which were rung by members of this list.  There are a few open
points as shown in the Comments column.  If anyone can provide any info on
these, please let us know either via this list or at methods at cccbr.org.uk.
Please also let us know if there are any other rung jump methods that
should be added to the Library.

The Framework classifies any method with jump changes as "Jump", and Jump
is included in the method's title.  So, for example, Cambridge Treble Jump
Minor will be given a method name of "Cambridge Treble", it will have a
classification of "Jump", and so its title will be "Cambridge Treble Jump
Minor".  This gives sensible results for all the methods below, with the
possible exception of Jump Stedman Doubles, which would become Jump Stedman
Jump Doubles.  We've reached out to the band that rang this to see if they
would like to rename it.

The other question that arises in adding these methods to the Library is
how to notate jump changes.  I'll send another note shortly that has the
Method team's proposal on this (and which explains notations such as (24)

# Title Notation Reference Comments
1 Cambridge Treble Jump Minor x3x(24)x2x(35)x4x5,2 RW1976/357
2 London Treble Jump Minor 3x3.(24)x2x(35).4x4.3,2 RW1979/979
3 Beverley Treble Jump Minor x3x(24)x2x(35).4x34.5,2 RW1979/1057
4 Durham Treble Jump Minor x3x(24)x2x(35).4x34.1,2 RW1979/1057
5 Norwich Treble Jump Minor x34x(24)x2x(35)x34x1,1 RW1979/1057
6 Surfleet Treble Jump Minor x3x(24)x2x(35).4x2.5,2 RW1979/1057
7 Wells Treble Jump Minor 3x3.(24)x2x(35).4x34.1,2 RW1979/1057
8 Newham Treble Jump Minor   RW1984/175 Notation not published - need to
obtain it
9 Double Oxford Jump Minor x(24)x(35)x5,2 RW2002/1073 Confirm shouldn't
have 'Treble' in method name
10 Mersey Ferry Treble Jump Minor (13)4.(35)x3(64).(42)x BB Jun 1st 2003,
not found in RW
11 Jump Stedman Doubles 3.1.5.(31).(31).(31).(31).(31).,1 BB Sep
11th 2008 and RW2008/1261 Will become Jump Stedman Jump Doubles. Change
12 Stedman Jump Triples 7,(13).(13).(13).(13).(13).7 BB Jan 12th 2013, not
found in RW
13 Bourne Treble Jump Minor x3x(24)x2x(35)x34x3,2 RW2016/306 Notation not
published - confirm this is as expected
14 York Treble Jump Minor x3x(24)x2x(35).4x4.3,2 No known performances DFM
has this recorded in ringing.org but unsure of origin
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