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Hi Tim,

The RW reference for Stedman Jump is 5425.0373


On Mon, 9 Dec 2019 at 00:28, Tim Barnes <tjbarnes23 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Under the Framework's retroactive recognition provisions, the CC Methods
> team is in the process of adding methods to the Methods Library that were
> rung and named in the past, but which did not qualify for inclusion in the
> Library at the time.  Over 700 such methods have been added so far -- a
> listing is available here:
> https://complib.org/report?name=retroactiverecognition
> The requirement for retroactive recognition is that a method was rung in a
> performance that would have qualified it for inclusion in the Library had
> the Framework been in place at the time of the performance.
> One set of methods we're working on adding to the Library are those that
> include jump changes.  The table below shows the jump methods we're aware
> of, many of which were rung by members of this list.  There are a few open
> points as shown in the Comments column.  If anyone can provide any info on
> these, please let us know either via this list or at methods at cccbr.org.uk.
> Please also let us know if there are any other rung jump methods that
> should be added to the Library.
> The Framework classifies any method with jump changes as "Jump", and Jump
> is included in the method's title.  So, for example, Cambridge Treble Jump
> Minor will be given a method name of "Cambridge Treble", it will have a
> classification of "Jump", and so its title will be "Cambridge Treble Jump
> Minor".  This gives sensible results for all the methods below, with the
> possible exception of Jump Stedman Doubles, which would become Jump Stedman
> Jump Doubles.  We've reached out to the band that rang this to see if they
> would like to rename it.
> The other question that arises in adding these methods to the Library is
> how to notate jump changes.  I'll send another note shortly that has the
> Method team's proposal on this (and which explains notations such as (24)
> below).
> # Title Notation Reference Comments
> 1 Cambridge Treble Jump Minor x3x(24)x2x(35)x4x5,2 RW1976/357
> 2 London Treble Jump Minor 3x3.(24)x2x(35).4x4.3,2 RW1979/979
> 3 Beverley Treble Jump Minor x3x(24)x2x(35).4x34.5,2 RW1979/1057
> 4 Durham Treble Jump Minor x3x(24)x2x(35).4x34.1,2 RW1979/1057
> 5 Norwich Treble Jump Minor x34x(24)x2x(35)x34x1,1 RW1979/1057
> 6 Surfleet Treble Jump Minor x3x(24)x2x(35).4x2.5,2 RW1979/1057
> 7 Wells Treble Jump Minor 3x3.(24)x2x(35).4x34.1,2 RW1979/1057
> 8 Newham Treble Jump Minor   RW1984/175 Notation not published - need to
> obtain it
> 9 Double Oxford Jump Minor x(24)x(35)x5,2 RW2002/1073 Confirm shouldn't
> have 'Treble' in method name
> 10 Mersey Ferry Treble Jump Minor (13)4.(35)x3(64).(42)x BB Jun 1st 2003,
> not found in RW
> 11 Jump Stedman Doubles 3.1.5.(31).(31).(31).(31).(31).,1 BB Sep
> 11th 2008 and RW2008/1261 Will become Jump Stedman Jump Doubles. Change
> name?
> 12 Stedman Jump Triples 7,(13).(13).(13).(13).(13).7 BB Jan 12th 2013,
> not found in RW
> 13 Bourne Treble Jump Minor x3x(24)x2x(35)x34x3,2 RW2016/306 Notation not
> published - confirm this is as expected
> 14 York Treble Jump Minor x3x(24)x2x(35).4x4.3,2 No known performances DFM
> has this recorded in ringing.org but unsure of origin
> Regards
> Tim
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