[r-t] Update on jump methods

Richard Smith richard at ex-parrot.com
Mon Dec 9 15:09:14 GMT 2019

Tim Barnes wrote:

> 8
> Newham Treble Jump Minor
> RW1984/175
> Notation not published - need to obtain it

Is that page reference correct?  I can't see it on that 
page.  Given the name, I assume was rung by a Cambridge 

> 9
> Double Oxford Jump Minor
> x(24)x(35)x5,2
> RW2002/1073
> Confirm shouldn't have 'Treble' in method name

It was certainly the intention that it should not have the 
word 'Treble' in it.  Our logic was that Treble Jump, like 
Treble Bob, was for methods where the treble dodged in every 
position.  I'm not sure that, with hindsight, I agree with 
that view – for that matter, I'm not certain I agreed with 
it at the time – and I wouldn't object if the CC want to 
rename it by inserting 'Treble'.  But it wasn't omitted by 

> 10
> Mersey Ferry Treble Jump Minor
> (13)4.(35)x3(64).(42)x
> BB Jun 1st 2003, not found in RW

I think it was first rung on the Wirral on either 31 Dec 
2002 or 1 Jan 2003, having been composed by Ander and me on 
the ferry over there.  I'm not particularly surprised if 
that quarter was not printed in the RW.  Andrew Tibbetts, 
who called it, was not very good at remembering to submit 
quarters for print.  An extent of it was rung in a peal on 
30 Dec 2003 at St Bene't's.


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