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Tim Barnes tjbarnes23 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 9 17:22:51 GMT 2019

On Mon, Dec 9, 2019 at 5:25 AM Jonathan Agg <jonathan.agg at gmail.com> wrote:

> The RW reference for Stedman Jump is 5425.0373
> http://peals.co.uk/pealdetails.asp?serno=T2013/4234

Great thanks, found it.

On Mon, Dec 9, 2019 at 6:03 AM Daniel Brady <danielw.brady at gmail.com> wrote:

> I can confirm that Bourne Treble Jump was rung as you have described.

Many thanks.

> Double Oxford Jump Minor

It was certainly the intention that it should not have the
> word 'Treble' in it.  Our logic was that Treble Jump, like
> Treble Bob, was for methods where the treble dodged in every
> position.  I'm not sure that, with hindsight, I agree with
> that view – for that matter, I'm not certain I agreed with
> it at the time – and I wouldn't object if the CC want to
> rename it by inserting 'Treble'.  But it wasn't omitted by
> error..

Yes, I see the logic.  On the basis that Mersey Ferry has "Treble" in its
title with a minimalist treble path, I'd lean towards making it Double
Oxford Treble Jump if there are no objections from the band.

Btw, we debated whether there should be a separate "Treble Jump"
classification, as well as a "Jump" class.  In the end we concluded this
would be too complicated given the small number of rung jump methods.
You'd have to decide questions such as how to classify and title a
multi-hunt method where one hunt bell jumps but another does not.  Having a
single "Jump" class with bands adding "Treble" at the end of the method
name where appropriate seems the best approach for now.

> Mersey Ferry Treble Jump Minor
> I think it was first rung on the Wirral on either 31 Dec
> 2002 or 1 Jan 2003, having been composed by Ander and me on
> the ferry over there.  I'm not particularly surprised if
> that quarter was not printed in the RW.  Andrew Tibbetts,
> who called it, was not very good at remembering to submit
> quarters for print.  An extent of it was rung in a peal on
> 30 Dec 2003 at St Bene't's.

Ok, thanks.  The 31 Dec 2002 or 1 Jan 2003 performance doesn't appear to be
on BellBoard either.  If you can remember the details and would like to
post it, we'll use that as the first performance reference,
otherwise we'll use the 1 Jun 2003 QP.  I've found the BB and RW entries
for the 30 Dec 2003 "Minor infractions" peal as an additional reference for
Mersey Ferry.

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