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Andrew Johnson andrew_johnson at uk.ibm.com
Thu Jul 11 17:50:14 BST 2019

> 6 bell composition is not my field and I have been asked to come up 
> with a 720 or 1440 of the following treble bob but non palindromic 
> x36x16x12x16x12x16x12x16x12x16x34x16  = 142563
> Can anyone help please?
> Thanks,
> Roddy
I think that method is just half-lead spliced New London TB and Oxford TB.
It's cheating a bit, but you could try something like
R=New method, O=Oxford TB, L=New London TB
(R O R R O O L O O R)*3

You could then ring it all as your new method, but 
instead of Oxford TB call a 34 bob instead of 36 for the second change.
Instead of New London TB call a 36 bob instead of 34 for the 22nd change.

Andrew Johnson

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