[r-t] Framework for Method Ringing Implemented

Graham John graham at changeringing.co.uk
Sat Jun 1 18:10:38 BST 2019

The Central Council Framework for Method Ringing became effective today,
superseding the Central Council Decisions, which were last modified in
2017. Methods are now classified according to the framework and method
titles have been updated in the CCCBR Methods Library at
appropriate. In summary:

- The Slow Course classification has been retired so these methods are now
classified as either Bob or Place. The word 'Slow' has been added to the
method name where necessary to maintain uniqueness of the new title.

- Non-method blocks have been retired, and are now classified in the same
way as any other method. The word 'Block' has been added to the method name
appropriate to its given name.

- The Hybrid classification has been retained, but 'Hybrid' or 'Little
Hybrid' is no longer used in the method title. The suffix 'II' has been
added to the name where there would have been a title clash with another

- Short course methods, where working bells are in equal length cycles, are
no longer classified as Differential.

- Methods with hunt bell symmetry about a row rather than a change have
been reclassified from Hybrid to either Alliance or Treble Place, as

A full list of methods retitled by these changes can be found at

If the band that first rang a method with a modified name would like it
named differently, they are invited to submit the proposed new name to the
CCCBR Technical & Taxonomy Workgroup at methods at cccbr.org.uk

Composition Library <https://complib.org> has also been updated with the
revised method titles, and it will now classify new methods according to
the framework. Methods can be found in searches using fragments of either
the old or the new titles.

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