[r-t] [Re] Avon Extensions

Graham John graham at changeringing.co.uk
Sat Jun 1 20:04:47 BST 2019

Andrew Rawlinson wrote (back in March - I never got the message for some reason)

> Does anyone know if there has been a taste for Avon Delight on higher numbers?
> Has it been rung before and I just can't find it? I was having a little play today and
> discovered that it does extend quite nicely to sixteen (assuming this does qualify
> as a natural extension - such rules aren't really my area...).
> Avon Delight Sixteen:
> &-5-4.5-5.3B.4-7B.1.36-9.3B.8-EB.1.30-A.3B.T-T.A-T-1,1

No Avon hasn't been rung on higher numbers. This is a 3EFGH/3FGHI
extension that works at alternate stages and looks very good. There
are other possibilities though, some which work at stage 14 as well.
They can be seen under 'Related Methods' at



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