[r-t] Cambridge Surprise Major in the 3-4 Position

Richard Allton rchat at allton.org.uk
Tue Mar 26 08:10:48 GMT 2019

Graham said:

What is frustrating is that the falseness of Cambridge is substantially reduced if you have a pair fixed in the 3-4 position and miss out the leads where either of the pair is thirds place bell, by making them both make the bob, giving a 5 lead course. You can produce highly structured and long compositions like, that such as the 10368 rung on handbells as part of the Cambridge four long lengths in a day (https://bb.ringingworld.co.uk/comp.php?id=838). The problem is that to ring 3-4 as that fixed pair you have to get into and out of rounds, and that is the very lead that you have to miss out!

So - be really adventurous. Start with rounds at the half-lead, 8th as hunt bell. 3-4 are still in 3-4 position, and you can have the 4ths for them as above.


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