[r-t] Six bobs

Alexander E Holroyd holroyd at math.ubc.ca
Sat Aug 15 23:16:50 BST 2020

Can it be done?:

A 720 of spliced *regular* TD minor methods, with only 6 bobs; i.e. 6 
5-lead courses with a bob at the end of each one.

There are plenty of "plans", i.e. sequences of lead ends, that might 
work.  One can use a mixture of whole courses of 2nds and 6ths place 
methods, but that on its own is not enough.  Some of the courses also 
need to be non-round blocks, like a Parker Splice.  Unfortunately a 
Parker Splice itself does not seem to work.

If there were 3 regular methods that differ only at the half-leads (like 
Cambridge and Ipswich, but with a 3rd one), that would work.  But I 
don't think that can exist.  Is there something like this that works as 
a lead splice, or a course splice, or something?

As a proof of concept, here is one using some silly alliance and treble 
place methods.  Method B is false in the plain course, and can be 
replaced with Ipswich to give a 708. Can it be done for real?


23456 	5 	
35642 	– 	ACPPB.
54263 	– 	ACPPB.
46325 	– 	ACPPB.
34625 	– 	CCCCC.
34256 	– 	PPPPP.
23456 	– 	CCCCC.

Contains 312 Cambridge Surprise; 264 Primrose Surprise; 84 Method B 
Alliance (B -36-14-12-36-14.56-56.16,12); 60 Method A Alliance (A 
-36-14-12-36-16,16); 14 com.

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