[r-t] Ringable Alternating groups on 5 bells

Robert Bennett rbennett1729 at gmail.com
Fri Aug 28 06:18:13 BST 2020

Blocks 44a, b, c, d are versions of Reading Doubles
which appeared in Tinninalogia and Campanalogia (Stedman) (in slightly
different versions). Reading pre-dates Stedman's principle, and the
majority of other 5-bell methods.
This is a two lead course method and the courses are usually joined with a
3rds place bob.
Block 44c = 60 of Reading Old Bob Doubles

As to why all the three part 60s have a plain hunting treble, I think that
it is because the whole hunt and the half hunt would otherwise have to
cross each other only twice instead of 4 times. There is then not enough
room to cover all the required positions without jumps.
There nearly  is a 3-part 60 which doesn't have a plain hunt, but it has
two singles in it:  part end 12453

Robert Bennett
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