[r-t] Triples puzzles

Andrew Johnson andrew_johnson at uk.ibm.com
Fri Jul 24 20:43:01 BST 2020

> From: Alexander E Holroyd 
> Congratulations Richard, very interesting stuff!
> The group 6.08 (which has 6.12 as an index-2 subgroup) was also used for 

> St Francis Minor.
> Since your "calls" come in q-sets of 3, I guess the composition involves 

> ringing some parts of courses backwards (as in WHW), right?
There are variable hunt long and short leads - is that significant?
> I'm not convinced it's quite something I would want to ring, yet.  Can 
> you think of any other approaches?
I put the compositions onto CompLib so you can see the blue line - the 
is just a temporary placeholder.


The hunting treble should help stability.

There's also the bobbed course version of the method:,147
but I don't know how few calls you could achieve with this.

Andrew Johnson

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