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Richard Pullin grandsirerich at googlemail.com
Sat Jun 6 14:10:04 BST 2020

720s of Spliced TD Minor using singles have been discussed a few times on
this list.
But what about single method 720s?

I've come up with a few this week, but can't find other examples published
elsewhere, despite looking in lots of places. Surely it's been done before?

One for St Albans Delight also runs true to Neasden D, Bacup S, Wath D and
Carisbrooke D, all from the 147 TD:

Westminster, Allendale and other a-group methods have the potential for
true 720s, but I don't think you can join up all the leads, unless using
two types of single. You could solve the problem in multi-extent blocks,
but that kind of defies the point. 720s in some b-group methods are
possible with 1256 singles, such as Twyning TB (pronounced "twinning.")

A 720 of Snowdrop TB also runs true to Earlshetton TB:

So we already have more than 7 methods that could make for quite a nice
peal, and perhaps the first in which all (or any?) of the extents contain

To start off - before I realized that these nice methods would work - I
produced a crass new Surprise method specifically for the purpose.
Interestingly, though, here the out-of-course leads work differently as
they're based on pairs of bells ("3-lead splicers"), whereas the above
examples are all based on single pivot bells ("6-lead splicers")

This makes for 720s that are more interesting, with fewer calls, and gaps
between singles:

I found a 5-part 600, and am pretty sure you cannot get a full 5-part 720.
But the 600 is still interesting for being the only example to have "all
the parity work."

Finally, similar 720s are possible in a much nicer method called Boston D:

I guess multi-method 720s with singles have a specific use, and the single
method 720s don't really lead anywhere. But I still find the latter
interesting, having never seen other examples and certainly not in familiar
methods from the 147.
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