[r-t] Spliced Plain Major

Andrew Johnson andrew_johnson at uk.ibm.com
Thu Mar 5 13:05:19 GMT 2020

> From: Richard Smith <richard at ex-parrot.com>
> Last night we rang Don's quarter of spliced plain major in 8 
> methods from p72 of the RW diary.  Possibly the first time 
> it's been rung?
I've been thinking about plain major recently, thought not
quite along Richard's lines.

First I listed all the plain major methods with
right place
conventional symmetry
at most 2 places per change
(at most 2 blows per place - implied by right place)
no 78s below treble
plain bob half leads

methsearch -b8 -rfs -w -l2 -L plain8.txt -p2 --regular-hls -R "$p $d $n"

gives the following 15 methods:

X.18.X.18.X.18.X.18.X.18.X.18.X.18.X.12 a Plain
X.18.X.18.X.18.X.78.X.18.X.18.X.18.X.12 b Double
X.18.X.16.X.58.X.18.X.58.X.16.X.18.X.12 c Edmonton
X.14.X.38.X.18.X.18.X.18.X.38.X.14.X.12 c Winchester
X.18.X.16.X.58.X.78.X.58.X.16.X.18.X.12 d Chesterfield
X.14.X.38.X.18.X.78.X.18.X.38.X.14.X.12 d Marlborough
X.14.X.36.X.58.X.18.X.58.X.36.X.14.X.12 e Hereward
X.14.X.36.X.58.X.78.X.58.X.36.X.14.X.12 f Double Oxford
X.18.X.18.X.18.X.78.X.18.X.18.X.18.X.18 g Reverse
X.18.X.16.X.58.X.18.X.58.X.16.X.18.X.18 h Lavenham Court
X.14.X.38.X.18.X.18.X.18.X.38.X.14.X.18 h Shipway Court
X.14.X.38.X.18.X.78.X.18.X.38.X.14.X.18 j Highbury
X.18.X.16.X.58.X.78.X.58.X.16.X.18.X.18 j Maidstone
X.14.X.36.X.58.X.18.X.58.X.36.X.14.X.18 k Double Norwich Court
X.14.X.36.X.58.X.78.X.58.X.36.X.14.X.18 l Pershore

Note the absence of a m lead head code method.

Removing the plain bob half leads adds 17 more:

X.16.X.36.X.18.X.58.X.18.X.36.X.16.X.12 a Longney
X.18.X.16.X.18.X.38.X.18.X.16.X.18.X.12 b Richmond
X.14.X.16.X.18.X.18.X.18.X.16.X.14.X.12 c Single Oxford
X.18.X.18.X.58.X.58.X.58.X.18.X.18.X.12 d Ashbourne College
X.16.X.16.X.58.X.38.X.58.X.16.X.16.X.12 d Gonville
X.14.X.36.X.18.X.38.X.18.X.36.X.14.X.12 d Loughborough
X.14.X.38.X.58.X.58.X.58.X.38.X.14.X.12 f Painswick College
X.16.X.38.X.38.X.58.X.38.X.38.X.16.X.12 f Pulford
X.18.X.38.X.38.X.38.X.38.X.38.X.18.X.12 f St Clement's College
X.18.X.16.X.18.X.38.X.18.X.16.X.18.X.18 g New London Court
X.14.X.16.X.18.X.18.X.18.X.16.X.14.X.18 h Single Norwich Court
X.14.X.36.X.18.X.38.X.18.X.36.X.14.X.18 j Cambridge Court
X.18.X.18.X.58.X.58.X.58.X.18.X.18.X.18 j Spalding College
X.16.X.16.X.58.X.38.X.58.X.16.X.16.X.18 j Trinity Court
X.16.X.38.X.38.X.58.X.38.X.38.X.16.X.18 l Avalon Court
X.18.X.38.X.38.X.38.X.38.X.38.X.18.X.18 l Crayford College
X.14.X.38.X.58.X.58.X.58.X.38.X.14.X.18 l Kidlington College

but still no m lead head code method, so search for more:

Allowing wrong places, but requiring PB half leads gives:

X. m Double Coslany Court m Untitled
56.14.X. m Untitled

Allowing more than two places per row, with PB HL gives:
X.1458.X.1236.X.3458.X.18.X.3458.X.1236.X.1458.X.18 m Untitled
X.1458.X.16.X.123458.X.38.X.123458.X.16.X.1458.X.18 m Untitled
X.1458.X.16.X.3458.X.38.X.3458.X.16.X.1458.X.18 m Untitled
X.1458.X.36.X.123458.X.18.X.123458.X.36.X.1458.X.18 m Untitled
X.18.X.1236.X.38.X.18.X.38.X.1236.X.18.X.18 m Untitled
X.18.X.36.X.1238.X.18.X.1238.X.36.X.18.X.18 m Untitled

Just for a completeness factor it would be nice to see
the 8 12-lead-end methods from the first set spliced, or
perhaps all 15 (with 16 bob for the 18 lead-ends).

I had a go at splicing, but the result wasn't that exciting.


and being based a fixed method 8-lead course is not atw.

Andrew Johnson

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