[r-t] Spliced Plain Major

Richard Smith richard at ex-parrot.com
Thu Mar 5 13:30:45 GMT 2020

John Goldthorpe wrote:

> I composed this a couple of weeks ago whilst investigating 
> the possibilities for a peal in the same methods ...
> https://complib.org/composition/62674 
> These are the 13 methods from the diary (so I'm told) so perhaps not quite
> what you were looking for, but near enough to mention it here.

Thanks.  That's quite a nice composition, though I'm not 
sure the choice of methods is quite perfect for what I'm 
after – though I appreciate you chose them because they are 
the 13 plain methods from the diary.  Specifically:

  * I'm not sure I'd choose to have both Double Norwich and

  * three very similar little methods seems unnecessary; and

  * I found including both Highbury and Edmonton was
    surprisingly difficult, and might avoid it;

  * although I'm not adverse to including irregular methods,
    Single Canterbury doesn't feel like its serving a purpose
    in that composition.


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