[r-t] Spliced Plain Major

Philip Earis pje24 at cantab.net
Thu Mar 5 13:55:56 GMT 2020

1288 13-Spliced Bob Major
Composed by John M Goldthorpe
2345678	2	13	Methods
4567823	–	–	NB.GIDEPSQLHOC.
7 part.
Contains 112 Double Coslany Court, Double Norwich Court (N), Double Oxford
(O), Double Sandringham (Q), Edmonton, Hereward, Highbury (I), Plain,
Single Canterbury Pleasure, St Clement's College (C); 84 Gainsborough
Little; 56 Little; 28 Bastow Little; 90 com; atw.

RAS: "...although I'm not adverse to including irregular methods, Single
Canterbury doesn't feel like its serving a purpose in that composition"


I think having 11 consecutive plain leads of major without an irregular
method might be tricky...

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