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> What is the origin of Annable's London S Minor?  Is it from Annable's
> Notebook?  If so, is there evidence that Annable knew how to get an
> extent of it?

Annable’s London Surprise Minor is given as ‘London Surprize’ in Annable’s notebook. It is highly likely that this is the origin of the method, as it has an ‘A’ next to it - many of the Minor methods are annotated in the notebook with initials of the composer or source (it is assumed likely that A = Annable, and the others can be inferred to be D = Doleman, L = Laughton, S = Stedman).

Whilst there is no direct evidence in the notebook itself, I think it is certain that Annable was aware of how to get an extent of it for a couple of reasons. He was evidently aware of Stedman’s Campanalogia (1677) and Doleman and CM’s Campanalogia Improved (1702), and the basic extent of Minor was established in these publications. Annable’s notebook is likely to date around the region of 1730-1750 so these publications had been around for some time. Secondly, he evidently had an awareness of truth of extents of Minor as his notebook includes many non-palindromic plain Minor methods, and these are often annotated with ‘false’ or ‘false peal’, so it seems at some point Annable became aware that the ordinary WHW or IOI based extent did not work for this type of method.

> I have not heard of Annable's Notebook, is it available online or elsewhere?

Annable’s Notebook is held is held in the British Library Manuscripts collection, not available electronically, although it used to be (and presumably still is) possible to order images of manuscripts.


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