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Thank you Ben,  This is super helpful!

On 01/08/2021 14:02, Ben Waller wrote:
> Ander:
> > What is the origin of Annable's London S Minor?  Is it from Annable's
> > Notebook?  If so, is there evidence that Annable knew how to get an
> > extent of it?
> Annable’s London Surprise Minor is given as ‘London Surprize’ in 
> Annable’s notebook. It is highly likely that this is the origin of the 
> method, as it has an ‘A’ next to it - many of the Minor methods are 
> annotated in the notebook with initials of the composer or source (it 
> is assumed likely that A = Annable, and the others can be inferred to 
> be D = Doleman, L = Laughton, S = Stedman).
> Whilst there is no direct evidence in the notebook itself, I think it 
> is certain that Annable was aware of how to get an extent of it for a 
> couple of reasons. He was evidently aware of Stedman’s Campanalogia 
> (1677) and Doleman and CM’s Campanalogia Improved (1702), and the 
> basic extent of Minor was established in these publications. Annable’s 
> notebook is likely to date around the region of 1730-1750 so these 
> publications had been around for some time. Secondly, he evidently had 
> an awareness of truth of extents of Minor as his notebook includes 
> many non-palindromic plain Minor methods, and these are often 
> annotated with ‘false’ or ‘false peal’, so it seems at some point 
> Annable became aware that the ordinary WHW or IOI based extent did not 
> work for this type of method.
> Peter:
> > I have not heard of Annable's Notebook, is it available online or 
> elsewhere?
> Annable’s Notebook is held is held in the British Library Manuscripts 
> collection, not available electronically, although it used to be (and 
> presumably still is) possible to order images of manuscripts.
> Regards,
> Ben
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