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It would appear in Council Decisions that the naming requirements do only date back to 1969.

The 1955 revision of the decisions was, as I read it, a full revision, replacing previous decisions.  http://methods.org.uk/archive/ccmr1955.htm#handbook  There appears to be no mention on the length that needed to be rung in order to name a method.  As an aside, the Council's move away from claiming the right to name methods appears to date back to as early as 1926 (http://methods.org.uk/archive/ccr1955.htm) and was re-affirmed in the 1955 decisions.

There appears to have been no amendments to the naming requirements between 1955 and the 1969 revision in Council minutes or reports.

However, in terms of practice, per RW/1969p600 (article on method names) it is noted that after the first collection of legitimate methods in 1907, where many Minor methods were unnamed "there was as a result an immediate rush by Minor bands in various parts of the country to ring 720s of the un-named methods and thus earn the right to name them".  There are further references on Names of methods in the RW Index 191--2004 which I have not looked up (mainly 1920s).

Research, here, however, has been limited to documents available on methods.org.uk and the combined RW Indes.

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In article
<CA+16xEdsai9Z9ag0h2xoHdL0prFNEVfdP77H9N3B0E0Kqh+cjw at mail.gmail.com>,
   Tim Barnes <tjbarnes23 at gmail.com> wrote:
> ... standardizing on a QP are consistency across stages ... to 'earn'
> naming rights.  ... would be overturning several centuries of method
> ringing practice.

Is that true?  AFIA there were no rules about naming methods until the CC
decided to try to impose some order.

In the 1920s the Council still claimed the right to name methods itself but
later relented.  Does anyone know when the current rule (peal on 7+ and
extent on 6-) was first formalised?  It's in the 1968 Decisions but I can't
track down when it was first accepted.

John Harrison
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