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> There are some classic methods whose composers are well-known, if only 
> as folklore. For example Rod Pipe and Peter Border producing Orion, and 
> E. Bankes James producing Bristol. But others are not widely known, and 
> the folk memory will disappear.
> I think it would be good to develop a better record of the composers of 
> methods. I have suggested that crowd-sourcing it through CompLib would 
> be an effective way to do it. Often the composer or conductor of the 
> first peal of a method is a good clue, but not necessarily.
> Simon
See https://complib.org/collection/11064
for some attributions. If you know more, and preferably have a bit of 
evidence then let me know and I'll add them.
A link then appears in the method references:
Method Attributions             Henry Law James

I've also added a collection having entries for methods giving links from 
a method to the first peal composition for the method (in CompLib), and a 
link to all the Felstead peals recorded for that method.
Felstead Peals in a Method Database     14538   Lincolnshire Surprise 

There's also another collection, Felstead Peal Database, which has entries 
for compositions, categorised by first peal in method, first peal of 
composition and record length, and links to the CCCBR page for the record 
and the Felstead peal record.
First peal in method
Page 169        4AF-2F7         5088 Bristol Surprise Major by Henry Dains
Record peal
Page 171        3F3-C4E         15264 Bristol Surprise Major by Gabriel 
Page 174        047-B3C         28512 Bristol Surprise Major by Brian D 

Ideally in CompLib the Felstead peal id could be an equivalent to 
BellBoard ID, so could be used directly in the performance section of 
compositions or collections.

Andrew Johnson

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