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Alexander E Holroyd holroyd at uw.edu
Sat Apr 9 23:28:53 BST 2022


I have managed to get the standard 147 treble-dodging minor into an all-the-work composition of 18720 (26 extents).  This is one extent more than the obvious lower bound of 18000 (25 extents), which applies because 5 leads of each method makes 24.5 extents.  I would not be surprised if an 18000 exists, but I have not found one.


I think the previous record was 20160 (28 extents), first achieved by Richard Smith, beating an earlier record of 21600 (30 extents) by John Warboys.  (Please correct me if I have any of this wrong).

In contrast with these, this one is a 5-part.  Moreover, it contains plain leads of every method.  Consequently there are very few calls (only 6 per part, in fact).  (I know some people are not so much into this style of composition - that is a matter of taste).

In fact, the leads of the composition can be separated into two 9360s, containing respectively all the Surprise and 4ths place Delight methods, and all the Treble Bob and 3rds place Delight methods.  It is very striking that the former exists: there are only 2 "leads to spare" in the part.  The latter can be arranged to have plain leads of every method.


It is not possible to get all the TB and 3D methods in the obvious lower bound of 8640 in a 5-part (always assuming my code is correct).

Finally, the last two compositions can simply be bolted together part by part to get a different 5-part 18720 (this time without the "plain leads" property).


-- Ander

18720 147-Spliced Treble Dodging Minor Op. Atw, plain lead of each method
Composed by Alexander E Holroyd
23456   2            3            4            Methods
56342                                            WeCe    (2)
35264                                            MoMlCl (3)
42356                 -                         CcBnC2.              (3)
25463                                            PvLeMdBtC2
25463                                            KtCzWw             (3)
56234                                            SnOsQu (3)
63542                                            CxMp    (2)
63542                                            NmC3PnC1Sg
56234                                            NwCtEvTeFo
56234                                            ChMuTiAkSh
63542                                            NbWhGlWoSa
25463                                            AvVaKeCdSw
25463                                            CuLiCo  (3)
42356                                            CaLoSo  (3)
34625                                            PoDtWwWt       (4)
36425                              s            TrLuKmKm.        (4)
54236                                            OxCvDk (3)
36425                                            BaFgFrCg            (4)
62354                                            CmLvBs (3)
25436                              -            NoWmMaHm.   (4)
42653                                            HmBmAbBcTa
64325                                            NeWs    (2)
25436                                            OlNsBrSl             (4)
25436                                            RoCbAdNg         (4)
64325                                            DoCsSk (3)
36542                                            DnWlBgPeRs
25436                                            BpNlCjBpBl
53264                                            SdDiRiCnBz
64325                                            DuBoBuHu         (4)
36542                                            BvKiBkSuHe
25436                                            YoPrIpElCr
26453   -                                       WaYo.Nf             (3)
53642                                            LfWkSt  (3)
53642                                            EyKnWvBl          (4)
26453                                            MeCwBeWiWr
26453                                            EsLsCfOc             (4)
34526                                            MsCiNyKs           (4)
35426   s                                        RcDi.     (2)
52364                                            EdPmKhBy         (4)
35264   -                                       BhTr.     (2)
42635                                            CkCyWfBw         (4)
5 part.
Contains 240 Belvoir Delight (Bl), British Scholars' Pleasure Treble Bob (Bp), Chiltern Treble Bob (C2), Disley Delight, Humber Delight (Hm), Killamarsh Treble Bob (Km), Trinity Sunday Treble Bob, Warwick Delight (Ww), York Surprise; 120 Abbeyville Delight (Av), Allendale Surprise (Ad), Alnwick Surprise (Ak), Annable's London Surprise (Ab), Bacup Surprise (Bc), Balmoral Delight, Bamborough Surprise (Bm), Barham Delight (Bh), Bedford Delight, Beeston Delight (Bt), Berkeley Delight (By), Berwick Surprise (Bk), Berwyn Treble Bob (Bw), Beverley Surprise (Bv), Bogedone Delight (Bg), Bourne Surprise, Braintree Delight, Bucknall Delight (Bn), Burnaby Delight, Burslem Delight (Bs), Burton Treble Bob (Bz), Caernarvon Delight (Cz), Cambridge Delight (Cg), Cambridge Surprise (Cm), Canterbury Delight, Canterbury Surprise (Ct), Capel Treble Bob (Ci), Carisbrooke Delight (Ck), Carlisle Surprise (Cl), Castleton Delight (Cx), Chadkirk Treble Bob (Cj), Charlwood Delight (Cw), Chelsea Delight (Cc), Chepstow Delight (Cs), Chester Surprise, Cheviot Treble Bob (C3), Clarence Delight (Cr), Coldstream Surprise, College Bob IV Delight (Cb), College Exercise Treble Bob (Cf), Combermere Delight (Ce), Conisborough Delight (Cn), Conway Delight (Cy), Cotswold Treble Bob (C1), Coventry Delight (Cv), Crowland Delight (Cd), Cunecastre Surprise, Donottar Delight (Dt), Dover Delight, Duke of Norfolk Treble Bob (Dk), Dunedin Delight (Dn), Durham Surprise, Edinburgh Delight, Elston Delight, Ely Delight (Ey), Evening Star Delight (Es), Evesham Delight, Fotheringay Delight (Fg), Fountains Delight, Francis Genius Delight, Glastonbury Delight, Hexham Surprise, Hull Surprise, Ipswich Surprise, Kelso Surprise, Kent Treble Bob (Kt), Kentish Delight (Kh), Kingston Treble Bob (Ks), Kirkstall Delight, Knutsford Delight, Leasowe Delight, Lightfoot Surprise (Lf), Lincoln Surprise, London Scholars' Pleasure Treble Bob (Ls), London Surprise, London Victory Delight (Lv), Ludlow Delight, Marple Delight, Melandra Delight (Md), Melrose Delight (Ml), Mendip Treble Bob (Mp), Merton Delight, Morning Star Treble Bob (Ms), Morpeth Surprise, Munden Surprise, Neasden Delight (Ns), Nelson Treble Bob (Nl), Netherseale Surprise, Newcastle Surprise (Nw), Newdigate Delight (Ng), Norbury Treble Bob (Ny), Norfolk Surprise (Nf), Northumberland Surprise (Nb), Norton-le-Moors Treble Bob (Nm), Norwich Surprise, Ockley Treble Bob, Old Oxford Delight, Oswald Delight, Oxford Treble Bob, Pembroke Delight (Pm), Pennine Treble Bob (Pn), Pevensey Delight, Peveril Delight (Pv), Pontefract Delight, Primrose Surprise, Quantock Treble Bob, Richborough Delight, Rochester Treble Bob (Rc), Rossendale Surprise, Rostherne Delight (Rs), Sandal Treble Bob (Sd), Sandiacre Surprise, Sherborne Delight, Skipton Delight, Snowdon Treble Bob, Southwark Delight, St Albans Delight (Sl), St Werburgh Delight (Sw), Stamford Surprise, Stirling Delight (Sg), Surfleet Surprise, Taxal Delight, Tewkesbury Delight, Tintern Delight, Vale Royal Delight, Waltham Delight, Warkworth Surprise (Wk), Waterford Treble Bob (Wf), Wath Delight (Wt), Wearmouth Surprise (Wm), Wells Surprise, Westminster Surprise (Ws), Whitley Surprise, Willesden Delight, Wilmslow Delight (Wl), Woodcock's Victory Treble Bob (Wv), Wooler Surprise, Wragby Delight; 769 com; atw.
26 Queens, 26 Tittums, 26 Kings/Whittingtons, 26 Backrounds, 139 65s at back.
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