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> When I first met Original Major (as a method for ringing touches) Stan
> Scott who was keen on it said it 'should' have 6th place bobs but they 
> it with 4th place bobs (hence they called it Easthampstead variation).
> I wonder if there is some compositional advantage in using 4th place 
> rather than 6th place.  It's use here suggests there might be.
> John Harrison
The general rule for treble dominated major used to be 4ths place bobs
for 2nds place method, and 6ths place bobs for 8ths place method
except extending lead methods like Kent or Bristol where a 4ths place
bob lets more of the back bells repeat a lead.

The possible reason for that is so that bobs only affect 3 bells
rather than 5.

I think Graham has now gone for a convention of near calls for all
treble dominated major including methods such as Double Norwich
Court Bob Major even though there are 943 compositions with far 
calls and 79 with near (all single method compositions).

On CompLib principles seem to have 'far' as the default.

From https://complib.org/help#help-h-310
Major: Bob -=14, Single s=1234, Double d=123456, BobSingle b=1456, BigBob 
Major: Bob -=16, Single s=1678, Double d=145678, BobSingle b=1456, BigBob 

'Double' and 'BobSingle' are the less usual calls.
CompLib also offers 'BigSingle' and 'Extreme' as options.

4ths place bobs in Original Major do make 5 bells repeat, but
this composition has:

Types of call
   1234 LE Single (s)
   14 LE Bob (–)
   1456 LE Bob single (b)
   16 LE Big bob (x)

so has more 6ths place bobs than 4ths. Changing the default calls to
far would mean explicitly defining single as '1234', or possibly
defining it as a 'BigSingle' with '1234', but would mean 833 far
6ths place bobs and 561 'BigBobs' under the far convention.

Perhaps it is possible to get a similar peal with:
Types of call
   1678 LE Single (s)
   16 LE Bob (–)
   1456 LE Bob single (b)
   14 LE Big bob (x)

By symmetry you could just transform the existing 5000 to use
the following calls
   5678 LE Single (s)
   58 LE Bob (–)
   3458 LE Bob single (b)
   38 LE Big bob (x)

Andrew Johnson

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