[r-t] Bobs-only Stedman Triples - 42 complete B-block peals

Andrew Johnson andrew_johnson at uk.ibm.com
Fri Jun 3 09:29:03 BST 2022

I have found 2 sets of round B-blocks which together with some B-blocks exactly cover the extent in an odd number [31,  35] of round blocks where the sixes can be rearranged to give 42 complete B-blocks. Here are the sets of blocks together with some peals. Both sets of blocks are based on a group of order 3.

31 round blocks, signature 57:4+120

https://complib.org/composition/91897 612 bobs, exact 3-part
https://complib.org/composition/97816 621 bobs, exact 3-part
https://complib.org/composition/91986 630 bobs, exact 3-part
https://complib.org/composition/91898 657 bobs, exact 3-part
These exact 3-part peals range from 612 to 659 bobs, compared to 636 to 690 for the 48 complete B-block exact 3-parts shown earlier, or 603 to 639 for the exact 3-part peals published in 2017.

35 round blocks, signature 54:5+111

https://complib.org/composition/85926 570 bobs, irregular 3-part
https://complib.org/composition/77482 576 bobs, 3-part
https://complib.org/composition/77446 576 bobs, 3-part

To be continued.

Andrew Johnson

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