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Tue Apr 9 23:11:06 BST 2002

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Andrew Aspland wrote:

> Great list - some stats worth investigating here. First none in Yorks or
> Lancs, second more low numbers of bells than average?, more unringable th=
> average? etc. etc.

What about Lowgate, Hull?

> I would disagree with the tuning details - it was always misleading to re=
> to a peal of bells as 1-5 of an 8 since they weren't, aren't, and are nev=
> likely to be an eight.

Agreed. Why can't we use the names of the musical modes to describe them, a=
nd if they form no diatonic scale label them 'out of tune', rather than usi=
ng haphazard labels such as 'minor six', '1-5 of 8', etc, which in reality =
can mean pretty much whatever you want them to! Labels such as 'lydian five=
', 'minor six' (meaning minor and only minor, unlike at present) are far mo=
re precise. If people don't understand the musical modes half a page at the=
front could explain them. I can really see no need to 'dumb it down' to th=
e extent that the descriptions become meaningless.


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