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Wed Apr 10 15:40:02 BST 2002

I've gone through Editions 1, 3, 6, 7, & 8 of Dove and David Kelly's 
sites and also received lots of informatio from members of this 
list. There are a few queries/confirmations that I hope you may be 
able to help with.

Abberyley Hall - details of former carillion
Brentford, Old, Middlesex Were these bells moved, recast and/or 
tuned? Up to 7th edition the church is listed as St George M, by 8th 
St Paul. In all editions the tenor is listed as 7-1-8, Nick Bowden 
(via DLC?) says is 6-1-24
Cawston, Norfolk. In 1st & 3rd editions it is listed as a chime of 6, 
6-8th as 1 & 2 disused 3-6 chiming only, 9th edition as unringable - 
What is their status?
Cattistock - former carillon had 35 bells - tenor weight?
Charlton, Wilts In 1st edition as a ringable ring, 5 12cwt, 3rd 
edition as a chime, by 6th edition as unringable with tenor and 
treble cracked - now a ring of 6 12-0-14 in G. Were they ever a 
Leigh on Sea RC - 8 15cwt Now said to be hung for swing chiming, 
Continental style, but "clocked" at present. To at least 3rd edition 
said to be 25cwt in E, French bells - have they been recast?
New Romney, Kent - were they ever a chime, or just a sold off ring?
Parracombe, Devon - can the existance of this chime of 6 be 
confirmed? It has been suggested that they were a ring of 3 and now 
only one bell remains
Pudleston, Herefords, can anyone confirm Mike Fradd's note that they 
have been rehung for swing chiming? 9th ed says are an unringable 4.
Radnage - again confirmation that they have been hung dead would be 
Shenley Herts - weight of tenor went up in 7th edition from 5cwt to 
10-0-4, have they been recast?
Tyne Dock & Ven Bede Sunderland - can any give the dates these were 
Stamford, Lincs, St George - are these unringable or have they been 
hung dead as in Mike Fradd's notes?
Merthyr Cynog - have the front 3 been hung dead as in Mike Fradd's 
Monkton, Pembroke, or is it Pembroke, Monkton - in the former way to 
at least 3rd edition, but with tenor 11cwt, from 6th edition are in 
the latter way with a tenor of 10cwt - I assume that they are the 
same place - has something been done to the bells, or have they just 
lost weight with age?!
Panallt, could it be confirmed that they have been hung dead?
Cork, St Mary Magd, what is the status of these bells, a chime or 
just unringable?
London, Ontario - details of the present chime, please.
Singapore - were these bells actually ever rung? The Cathedral 
website sort of implies that they were and were subsequently hung 

Many thanks


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