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London, Ont. 11, 23.0.0 in E All G&J 1935, replacing a G&J 1901 10, 20.2.0
in E flat. Baton clavier.
Stamford S Geo. Bells hung for swing chiming. No stays & sliders
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> I've gone through Editions 1, 3, 6, 7, & 8 of Dove and David Kelly's
> sites and also received lots of informatio from members of this
> list. There are a few queries/confirmations that I hope you may be
> able to help with.
> Abberyley Hall - details of former carillion
> Brentford, Old, Middlesex Were these bells moved, recast and/or
> tuned? Up to 7th edition the church is listed as St George M, by 8th
> St Paul. In all editions the tenor is listed as 7-1-8, Nick Bowden
> (via DLC?) says is 6-1-24
> Cawston, Norfolk. In 1st & 3rd editions it is listed as a chime of 6,
> 6-8th as 1 & 2 disused 3-6 chiming only, 9th edition as unringable -
> What is their status?
> Cattistock - former carillon had 35 bells - tenor weight?
> Charlton, Wilts In 1st edition as a ringable ring, 5 12cwt, 3rd
> edition as a chime, by 6th edition as unringable with tenor and
> treble cracked - now a ring of 6 12-0-14 in G. Were they ever a
> chime?
> Leigh on Sea RC - 8 15cwt Now said to be hung for swing chiming,
> Continental style, but "clocked" at present. To at least 3rd edition
> said to be 25cwt in E, French bells - have they been recast?
> New Romney, Kent - were they ever a chime, or just a sold off ring?
> Parracombe, Devon - can the existance of this chime of 6 be
> confirmed? It has been suggested that they were a ring of 3 and now
> only one bell remains
> Pudleston, Herefords, can anyone confirm Mike Fradd's note that they
> have been rehung for swing chiming? 9th ed says are an unringable 4.
> Radnage - again confirmation that they have been hung dead would be
> appreciated
> Shenley Herts - weight of tenor went up in 7th edition from 5cwt to
> 10-0-4, have they been recast?
> Tyne Dock & Ven Bede Sunderland - can any give the dates these were
> removed?
> Stamford, Lincs, St George - are these unringable or have they been
> hung dead as in Mike Fradd's notes?
> Merthyr Cynog - have the front 3 been hung dead as in Mike Fradd's
> notes?
> Monkton, Pembroke, or is it Pembroke, Monkton - in the former way to
> at least 3rd edition, but with tenor 11cwt, from 6th edition are in
> the latter way with a tenor of 10cwt - I assume that they are the
> same place - has something been done to the bells, or have they just
> lost weight with age?!
> Panallt, could it be confirmed that they have been hung dead?
> Cork, St Mary Magd, what is the status of these bells, a chime or
> just unringable?
> London, Ontario - details of the present chime, please.
> Singapore - were these bells actually ever rung? The Cathedral
> website sort of implies that they were and were subsequently hung
> dead.
> Many thanks
> Mike
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