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I did.....Even that didn't work last time. I'll try & make some enquiries.

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Does anyone have details of what remains on the towers of the redundant
churches of Holy Trinity, Blackburn, and the Temple church, Bristol? The
rings of 8 have been transferred from both, and I wondered what in the way
of framework remained in the tower - I believe that the Bristol tower, at
least, still has its frame - what type is it? I've looked around the ruins
of the church on several occasions, but the tower has always been securely
locked, and on the one occasion I wrote to English Heritage (who own it), I
received no reply.

Temple Church had a Taylors 1880's cast iron A frame with wooden tops and
bottoms - One frameside was removed to allow the removal of the bells and
sits to one side.

I've never been up but have seen loads of photo's. Nick Bowden can get in I
Or he nows a man who can!

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