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Taylors used job numbers (on the headstocks and frame castings) and pattern=
numbers (cast on the bells - initially inside, as David says, and later ou=
tside on the crown). It is only much more recently (from the 1960s or 1970s=
) that bells begin to carry both job numbers and pattern numbers on the cro=

The job numbers will certainly give an indication of the chronology.

I happen to have dates for some of the jobs that have been mentioned, havin=
g looked at the chronology when researching Taylor frame designs for Bellfr=
ames. The "completion dates" recorded in the record generally refer to the=
date the bells were dedicated or, in some cases presumably, when the bellh=
angers left the site.=20
Stockton on Forest - [not noted]
Ewerby - May 1896
Norton - 24 Dec. 1896


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