Handlist of campanological articles and theses

john ketteringham john.ketteringham at n...
Tue Dec 10 18:26:25 GMT 2002

I wonder if it might be useful to have a page on the Historians web site on
which details of items not easily traceable which might be of interest to
campanological researchers could be published? I have listed a few of
which I have knowledge below :

Cattermole, P. Church Towers and Bell Frames in South-East Norfolk
(Unpublished PhD Thesis University of London 1985)

Eisel, J. Bells of Carmarthenshire and Breconshire (Unpublished PhD Thesis
University of Wales 1984)

Jennings, T. S. Campanological Activities and their effect on the Parish
Church Budget between 1500 and 1714 (Unpublished Dissertation Portsmouth
Polytechnic 1984/5)

Ketteringham, J. R. The Use of Church Bells in the Diocese of Lincoln 1536 -
1799' (Unpublished MPhil thesis University of Loughborough 1990)

Pearson, D. W. 'The Church of Holy Trinity Hagworthingham : Dating the
Construction of its Bell Tower Frame' in Lincolnshire History and
Archaeology Vol 25 (1990)

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