Handlist of campanological articles and theses

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Wed Dec 11 11:21:29 GMT 2002

I think it would be an excellent idea.

I have acquired over the years a number of bell lists, county lists, 
etc, some of which contain unpublished information. In recent times I 
have been trying to get all this onto computer to make it tidier and 
more accessable. A couple of list members have a copy of my first 
such - Church Bells of the Diocese of Monmouth, which I have typeset 
but never got around to doing anything else with. This is now in PDF 
(Acrobat) format, and I would be happy to post this and various other 
stuff for members to peruse and perhaps even send me updates!

Andrew Bull

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> I wonder if it might be useful to have a page on the Historians web 
site on
> which details of items not easily traceable which might be of 
interest to
> campanological researchers could be published? I have listed a 
few of
> which I have knowledge below :
> Cattermole, P. Church Towers and Bell Frames in South-East Norfolk
> (Unpublished PhD Thesis University of London 1985)
> Eisel, J. Bells of Carmarthenshire and Breconshire (Unpublished PhD 
> University of Wales 1984)
> Jennings, T. S. Campanological Activities and their effect on the 
> Church Budget between 1500 and 1714 (Unpublished Dissertation 
> Polytechnic 1984/5)
> Ketteringham, J. R. The Use of Church Bells in the Diocese of 
Lincoln 1536 -
> 1799' (Unpublished MPhil thesis University of Loughborough 1990)
> Pearson, D. W. 'The Church of Holy Trinity Hagworthingham : Dating 
> Construction of its Bell Tower Frame' in Lincolnshire History and
> Archaeology Vol 25 (1990)

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