[Bell Historians] Re: Handlist of campanological articles and theses

David Bryant djb122 at y...
Wed Dec 11 16:27:12 GMT 2002

> I have acquired over the years a number of bell lists, county lists,
> etc, some of which contain unpublished information. In recent times I
> have been trying to get all this onto computer to make it tidier and
> more accessable. A couple of list members have a copy of my first
> such - Church Bells of the Diocese of Monmouth, which I have typeset
> but never got around to doing anything else with. This is now in PDF
> (Acrobat) format, and I would be happy to post this and various other
> stuff for members to peruse and perhaps even send me updates!

If you want to email it to me I'll put it on the articles page of the list
information page (www.bryantd.fsnet.co.uk/bell_historians). Although there
are files areas on the Yahoo pages, I prefer not to use these as many
members who don't have Yahoo profiles set up (and any non-memers) cannot
view them.


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