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Just a quick reminder that the new CC Library catalogue contains informatio=
n on a lot of useful - and sometimes quite obscure - publications on bells.=
Worth buying.

Also, Roger Bailey kindly hosts my working list - which builds on the list =
maintained by Bill Butler for many years - of publications in print. There=
's some quite rare stuff in that list too, and it's at http://www.ringing.i=

Lastly, I've got a "bibliography file" in which I keep references to articl=
es and publications about bells and ringing. Not at all complete, but I'm =
happy to share it with anyone who thinks it might be useful. One day I'll =
enter all the stuff I found when browsing the historical periodicals in Lei=
cester University library - er, xxx...ty years ago! - but at present all th=
at stuff is on cards.


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> I have acquired over the years a number of bell lists, county lists,
> etc, some of which contain unpublished information. In recent times I
> have been trying to get all this onto computer to make it tidier and
> more accessable. A couple of list members have a copy of my first
> such - Church Bells of the Diocese of Monmouth, which I have typeset
> but never got around to doing anything else with. This is now in PDF
> (Acrobat) format, and I would be happy to post this and various other
> stuff for members to peruse and perhaps even send me updates!

If you want to email it to me I'll put it on the articles page of the lis=
information page (www.bryantd.fsnet.co.uk/bell_historians). Although ther=
are files areas on the Yahoo pages, I prefer not to use these as many
members who don't have Yahoo profiles set up (and any non-memers) cannot
view them.


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