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The bells were listed in earlier editions of "Dove" as a 25 cwt 8, unringab=
le. I submitted the tenor weight as the bell referred to in the Whitechape=
l records is almost certainly - without actually seeing it of having detail=
s from a reputable source I can't say any more definitely than that - the o=
riginal bell of 1797 of 24-3-25.

The Whitechapel records actually provide the following details:

Peals book, 1797 - 1 32=BC" 7-0-3, 2 33=BD" 7-0-15, 3 35=BC" 8-2-26, 4 38" =
9-3-8, 5 41" 12-1-18, 6 43" 13-2-21, 7 47=BC" 18-1-2, 8 53" 24-3-25 and not=
e "recast 1, 2, 4 and 7, Sept 1845"

Daybook 20 Sept. 1845 - Trinity Church, New York. Recast bells 7-1-4, 6-3-9=
, 9-1-6, 18-0-10 =A3271.3.10, clappers =A34, stocks wheels etc =A332, cases=
& packing & shipping charges =A35.18.6, total =A3313.2.4

The only other information I have comes from an account (and photograph) of=
a visit to the tower by various English ringers in 1991 (RW 1991 p.1210). =
This states that there are eight bells hung in a wooden frame with ringing =
headstocks, bearings and clappers (but minus the wheels) and two more bells=
hung for chiming.=20=20

Sounds to me like an "unringable eight" according to the usual definitions =
(i.e. bells still hung on derelict ringing fittings) rather than a chime, p=
lus - of course - two extras.

Chris P

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I have now searched my records and find that it was Chris Pickford who
supplied that tenor weight of 24-3-25 in D in a (snail-mail) letter to me
dated 29 June 1999, along with a number of other suggested alterations wh=
had previously been submitted to Ron Dove in November 1993. There is a "=
necessarily precise" (according to Chris) comment alongside this entry,
saying : "Weight of 1797".

Perhaps Chris can shed further light on the background of his findings, o=
else someone (? Michael) could ask Andrew Wilby about the letter received
from Owen Burdwick, referred to in the said RW article on p970 of 2001.

It looks from that article, now, that I should remove the entry from Dove=

John Baldwin
(029) 2055 4457

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> 'Dove' lists an eight 24-3-25 in D. I remember after 9/11 an article
> in RW saying there were ten bells in the tower tenor 32cwt. Can
> anyone explain the differences?
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