Bow Bells Time Signal, etc

Michael Wilby michael_wilby at y...
Wed Feb 13 15:48:06 GMT 2002

Anyone listened to the recording of Bow on John
Ketteringham's page (the old one - bells, not John)? 
It is certainly the back ten, but I'm not convinced it
is the Gillett ring, not least by the sound... Can
anyone confirm which one it was?

While we're on the subject, I used to have a cassette
with recordings of the Lester & Pack back 10 and 12,
the Gillett 12, the new bells being "rung" by the
Carter m/c at the Foundry, and the dedication ringing
of the present bells. Someone borrowed it years
ago... anyone got a similar collection of recordings,
or know where I might get another copy?


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