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I've just remembered that I photocopied some particularly helpful letters on
Taylors and the transition to true-harmonic tuning from the RW for 1982.
There was quite an extended correspondence, but the letters around September
to October include:
3 Sept.1982 p.733 - Mike Milsom (Taylors) "Tuning of bells"
17 Sept.1982 p.772 - Mike Milsom tracking changes in details as recorded
in Taylors' records (pinpointing the tuning of the fiundamental to Feb.1894)
1 Oct.1982 p.812 - Mike Milsom on major thirds
15 Oct 1982 - Christopher Dalton commenting on various bells of 1895-8,
and also on early Gillett rings

All worth a read.

Chris P

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> Steve Ivin:
> > The really crucial stage was reached when it was realised
> > that the fundamental could be sharpened by thickening the
> > crown and the shoulder corner.
> Absolutely, I too would identify this as crucial. A very good example
> is Greenwich tenor (Mears 1825 with tuning) - hum 118 cents sharp,
> but very quiet, prime only 67 cents flat (not very much compared with
> some of the horrors of the 19th century) but quieter than the
> nominal. A very nice match with the true-harmonic bells in my view.
> > Perhaps equally crucial was the acquisition of a set of
> > Koenig forks in the 1890's.
> Do you know when this was? The exact date would be very interesting.
> Presumably one can tell from tuning figures in the day books.
> > the 'Simpson howl', which was I suspect a useful code to
> > use when refering to G&J,
> Some Gilletts bells have really strident high partials - stronger
> than any modern Taylor work. Also, sometimes their nominal tuning is
> a bit squiffy (e.g. Egham). Is there any truth in the rumour that
> Johnston sometimes tuned bells while drunk?
> Bill H
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