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Mon Feb 25 08:59:16 GMT 2002

Went to Surfleet for a peal on Saturday (unfortunately miss-called) - not rung there for several years, and had forgotten what a fine sounding instrument they are, despite being a little flighty round the front. Ken Hesketh did a good job with the internal acoustics.

I had a crawl round the frame afterwards - quite a tight installation. Two-tiers with 1,2,4,6 on top - H-frame below, low-sided above - and got some photos of the bells which will be added to the Rings of 12 site shortly. The trebles would appear to be lost-wax castings; the front six have bar headstocks (except the 3rd, which looks like it got a conventional replacement when the bells were rehung by Taylors in 1983). The two trebles have flange tops.

As a result of our "ring" there, it has been propsed to hold the 2003 final of the 12-bell contest at Surfleet - should make for an enjoyable day.


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