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Mon Feb 25 10:40:40 GMT 2002

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I have about 250 recordings on my web site (address below) and I am gratefu=
l to those who have sent me tapes. I can only include very short clips b=
ut these seem satisfactory in most cases if the player is set to repest. =
I have tended to include all recordings I have been sent although some are =
rather poor quality. I have many more to upload but this takes time in =
extracting a clip and then getting it uploaded.
I am grateful to Matthew Dawson for transferring the clips onto CD and to G=
raham Jackson for uploading them to the website.
Has anyone got a recording of Windsor Castle bells. I rang a quarter for =
Prince Charles Investiture but have not and details of this. I think Davi=
d Brown called it.

>From John R. Ketteringham of Lovely Lincoln in Lincolnshire, England
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