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George is, of course, right to correct me. I should have stated that the
Wrangle frame was probably made by Howden but as there was no other iron
founder in the vicinity Howden can be credited with the installation without
any reasonable doubt.
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John is not correct in saying is WAS made by Howden, but he is the only
candidate for doing so!
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The Wrangle bell frame was made by William Howden and Son of Boston.
See Lincolnshire Bells and Bell founders page 298.
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This is correct. The one-time existence of this frame has come to
light since the rediscovery of the Liverpool frame. There was also a frame
with some cast iron trusses at Bretforton in Worcestershire, dating from
1823. We don't know all that much about either of these frames, as both have
now gone

The Liverpool frame may not be the earliest ever made, but it's
quality of designstill makes it quite remarkable - very cleverly engineered
and constructed

Chris P
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john ketteringham wrote:
> Jonathan (and others) might like to know that the earliest known
> bellframe was installed at Wrangle in 1820. Unfortunately it
> disappeared when Taylors recast the treble and second and
installed a
> new frame in 1952.

Transferred from the chatlist! Is this correct? I thought the
earliest cast
iron frame was the one in the bombed St Luke's, Liverpool, dating


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