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John is not correct in saying is WAS made by Howden, but he is the only can=
didate for doing so!
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The Wrangle bell frame was made by William Howden and Son of Boston. Se=
e Lincolnshire Bells and Bell founders page 298.
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This is correct. The one-time existence of this frame has come to light=
since the rediscovery of the Liverpool frame. There was also a frame with=
some cast iron trusses at Bretforton in Worcestershire, dating from 1823. =
We don't know all that much about either of these frames, as both have now =

The Liverpool frame may not be the earliest ever made, but it's quality=
of designstill makes it quite remarkable - very cleverly engineered and co=

Chris P
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john ketteringham wrote:
> Jonathan (and others) might like to know that the earliest known ir=
> bellframe was installed at Wrangle in 1820. Unfortunately it
> disappeared when Taylors recast the treble and second and installed=
> new frame in 1952.

Transferred from the chatlist! Is this correct? I thought the earlies=
t cast
iron frame was the one in the bombed St Luke's, Liverpool, dating fro=


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