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Mon Jul 8 16:38:16 BST 2002

David Bryant:

> Nothing particular to do on a Sunday evening (as usual!)

I don't believe this! Are you offering to help? I have:
* 250 bell recordings not even digitised off videotape yet
* many outstanding requests to take recordings (often of TAYLOR bells)
* a major update of my website with new findings
* a further experiment on clappering still to write up
* some very difficult theory to crack, involving matrix inversion 
with SVD, to help with the clappering experiments
* a part developed Access database that needs completing
* to buy a new microphone and organise calibration experiments
* dozens of emails on tuning in temperaments to answer
* etc.

If my wife was reading this, I would also have to add:
* a big piece of lawn to re-turf
* grass to cut (always)
* a ton of rubbish to take to the tip
* hedges to cut
* landing ceiling to re-wallpaper
* chasing the architect about the plans for the extension
* helping the young master with his homework
* spending time relaxing with the family
* etc.

I have a spare bedroom, you are welcome to move in . . .

Bill H :-)

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