[Bell Historians] Unjustified Criticism

LOVE, Dickon DrLove at s...
Thu Jul 11 13:07:15 BST 2002

"I see on Dickon's Kent site ........ "

I have had a reply from one of the leading ringers at All Saints, Maidstone
who has been involved in the work (it is not Graham Heath!). He wanted to
exercise his right of reply as follows (I have asterisked some of the words
out of decency.)


This Guy is a right *****!

Taylor's themselves admitted to having not spotted that it [the gudgeon] was
going, it was spotted during their work. They said it might last years or it
might go quickly, as it happens it was the latter.

Admittedly bells do go odd struck but not continuously if maintained
This issue has nothing to do with Tower Maintenance. However we have not
happy with the struckness of them when Taylor's came back and they went odd
struck again within a very short time.

It was not done on a budget, it was completely remedial work not a full
restoration to keep them in as good a condition as they are. Taylor's
themselves were amazed at the good condition of the entire installation,
especially given that they have had over 600 peals on them This is testament
to good steeple keeping. So Mr Bryant can go shove it up his ***.

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