[Bell Historians] Unjustified Criticism

David Bryant djb122 at y...
Thu Jul 11 13:19:38 BST 2002

> Taylor's themselves admitted to having not spotted that it [the
> gudgeon] was going, it was spotted during their work. They said it might last years
> or it might go quickly, as it happens it was the latter.

Well then, you can't blame them can you, if they warned you about it as
soon as soon as they saw it. So what if they hadn't seen it in their
initial inspection - things can easily get missed during a preliminary
inspection, and they were honest about it and told you.

> Admittedly bells do go odd struck but not continuously if maintained
> properly.

Not continuously, no, but within six months or so if they are well used.

> This issue has nothing to do with Tower Maintenance. However we have
> not been happy with the struckness of them when Taylor's came back and they
> went odd struck again within a very short time.

Well there must be a reason. If new leather anti-vibration pads were
fitted (as is likely if clapper work was carried out) then it is
probably that they compacted and the clappers worked loose quickly. This
is fairly usual.

> It was not done on a budget, it was completely remedial work not a
> full
> restoration to keep them in as good a condition as they are. Taylor's
> themselves were amazed at the good condition of the entire
> installation,
> especially given that they have had over 600 peals on them This is
> testament
> to good steeple keeping. So Mr Bryant can go shove it up his ***.

Cheers! The fact remains that this explanation doesn't convince me that
there is any justification for criticising Taylor's, and insulting me
and telling me to shove it up my arse won't help to convince me!


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