[Bell Historians] Converting frequencies to notes

David Bryant djb122 at y...
Fri Jul 12 17:58:31 BST 2002

"LOVE, Dickon" wrote:

> That way, when Aspland and Bryant argue over the pitch of Leeds tenor, a more precise, yet quite unambiguous 
> reply may be given.

Stay awake at the back! It weren't Leeds; we know that is 518 Hz (C-18).
It was Escrick we were debating. We know that the pitch of this before
tuning was 517.5 Hz (C-19), but we don't know what it is now. The note
(which must come from Whitechapel) generally cited is B, but Andrew
thinks it's a flat C. Anyone with access fancy having a look in
Whitechapel's records to see what the actual frequency is...


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